In Another Brothel

In Another Brothel

Unusual platform noir


  • Stylish
  • Interesting mechanics
  • No installation necessary


  • Needs a light touch to control it properly


In Another Brothel is an unusual platform game, with a film noir feel and story.

Your jaded protagonist has to search for his girl, by exploring his black and white platform world.

Reaching high platforms is done by building piles of crates, which, oddly enough, are ejected from your gun. This strange anomaly is not explained, but is In Another Brothel's main mechanic.

Once you've downloaded and run the file you'll be taken straight into the action, because the requires no installation. Your character moves via keyboard controls, and your crate gun is aimed with the mouse.

To create stairways of crates you will take to adept aiming and gentle maneuvering. The physics engine is pretty good, although the crates feel quite light, and sometimes don't fall quite as you'd hoped.

If you get yourself stuck on a level, you can restart with a single keystroke, which is very useful with this type of physics-based puzzle game.

The music is quite an odd mix of old film style crackle, and soft rock guitar, while the sound effects are totally 80s. The graphics are similarly old school, but given a bit of atmosphere through their black-and-white presentation.

The cut scenes are well done, and add context to the strange gameplay idea.

In Another Brothel is a unique little puzzle/platform game, which is challenging without being impossible.


In Another Brothel


In Another Brothel

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